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I.T. & consultancy

Tantrumedia was founded under the tongue-in-cheek banner "jack of all trades, master of many". Some thought it impossible for one company to offer so many Business to Business services in a cost effective and reliable way.

However, our clients would choose to disagree with these nay-sayers, because have successfully implemented dozens of websites, developed a selection of software titles, brokered production deals in excess of £1m, produced business cards, stationery and flyers, created musical scores for many video games & corporate presentations and scored for video and film through our sister brand Bwrw Eira.

The past decade has given us opportunities in many spheres of media and service provision, leveraging at least two decades of Information Science, Internet Technology and Media Production experience, and this is where our Consultancy service comes in!

If you're stuck with a problem and there's a computer, I.T. or software involved, or there's a job you just don't know how to tackle then why not give us a call? We will most likely know the answer, or if not we'll certainly know someone who does.

We're easy to talk to and we'll treat you with respect even if you feel foolish! Don't worry, we've probably been in the same position at some point in the past, and we appreciate it's not always easy to ask for help, but we're happy to set you on the right path...

If you have a project that needs on-site or longer terms T.L.C. then do talk to us about our medium to long term rates. We're happy to help you present your project or even assist in it's development to whatever level you need.

A call won't cost you anything but it might save you a lot in the long run!


For those who live within a reasonable commuting distance of the Wirral we are able to offer a same day service in terms of I.T. consultancy and hardware servicing.

The range of services we offer include;

  • advising on backup strategies
  • removing unwanted bloatware and spyware
  • speeding up your PC by removing unnecessary programs and services
  • suggesting ways of improving PC performance through hardware upgrades
  • explaining how software packages work*
  • installing additional hardware such as memory, drives, fans and so on
  • hardware clean up - get rid of all the gunge that is strangling your system fans
  • problems with networks or connectivity

* we have in-house experience with most popular software on the market, please contact us to see if we can help.


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