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In todays economic climate, you need every client or customer you can get. Having a fast, easy to navigate website that gives people what they're looking for is essential... now more than ever. Tantrumedia can replace that tired old website with something new and eye catching, and it won't cost the Earth! Drop us an e-mail or give us a call...

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website hosting and backups

Tantrumedia have always had a policy of providing the best service possible. So when we develop your website or web based project we prefer to host it on our own dedicated servers. This means that we can tackle any issues easily and immediately.

From time to time we get clients who are thoroughly aggravated by their current host provider. Maybe their website is loading really slowly, costing them sales. Maybe their e-mails take an age to download. In either case we're happy to provide superfast UK based hosting via our dedicated servers located in Manchester. Co-located with the award winning UK Fast we can assure our clients of a trouble free and reliable service.

All our servers are RAID 1, which means that should a hard drive fail, the server will keep going without any loss of service, which in turn gives usĀ  opportunity to replace the faulty drive.

It also goes without saying, (but we will anyway!) that our hosting fees are very reasonable, especially given the level of support we provide.

While we're on the subject of servers, we now offer a bespoke backup service that allows you to schedule automated backups of your precious data to our server. We use only the best professional backup software that can be configure to store things in a way that best suits you, and all data is stored compressed and super-encrypted.

Call us today today for more information on hosting or data backup...

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