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software development

One of Tantrumedia's strength is it's dynamic attitude toward software development. Rather than retain a large development staff on a permanent basis, we have a strong core unit and collaborate with a roster of talented freelancers to put together teams of any size. Why? Because as a client this means you're not feeding a larger entity, and in turn your money only goes towards developing your product.

The team at the core of Tantrumedia have nearly 20 years experience working in business software and entertainment software. We have developed utilities and software packages for websites, desktop systems, mainframes, portable platforms and game consoles.

Development budgets have ranged from £500 to £300,000 so our new take on that classic adage is; "no job is too big, no fee is too small!"

We can develop your application, game or database project in Flash, Javascript, PHP, Java, C++, C# or pretty much any other language or environment you care to throw at us.

So if you have a computer game or a software utility in mind then give us a call!

Tantrumedia Software Development


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